Class-11 Physics JEE Mains & Advanced

This course is for Class-11 students preparing for JEE Mains & Advanced. Since the required Math and Calculus is also taught by Sir in this course, even younger students can join this course (the highly ambitious ones). The course teaches Class-11 Physics chapters and includes theory starting from basics, problem solving methods in detail and regular online timer enabled quizzes/tests.

Validity = 825 days (about 27 months) from date of purchase.

Instructor: Arvind ChauhanLanguage: English

About the course


  • 1st April to 30th December, 2024
  • Video lectures + Interactive Quizzes
  • All Chapters of Class-11 Physics
  • Math + Calculus for Physics (in detail) included
  • Theory, best Problems, PYQs, DPPs
  • Study from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Learn from one of the best teachers in India
  • Course validity or access period: 27 months (2+ years)
  • Master Theory, Fundamental concepts & Problem solving

This 9 month course will run from 1st April to 30 December, 2024. 

Chauhan Sir will start from school level basics and take Class-11 students all the way up to JEE Advanced level. 

Enrolled students will have access to this course and all its content for 27 months, from the date of joining.

Every week, Sir will upload lesson videos, quizzes and other content to this course's portal. Students will be guided by Chauhan Sir to navigate through & understand the theory first, and then move on to problem solving in each sub-topic. Students will also need to take timer enabled practice tests, called quizzes, as guided by Sir via video or written instructions. All weekly content can be accessed and completed by the student at any time on a daily or alternate day basis. Some students may want to log in daily and spend 1.5 - 2 hours; while others may want to log in on alternate days and spend 3 - 4 hours learning from this course and mastering problem solving. 

The weekly ‘drip-feeding’ of content will ensure that students move in a regular disciplined groove, which is very important for academic success. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and it is undertaken one step at a time.

The academic system on this portal has been designed by Sir keeping in mind that different students have different natural speeds at which they learn the best, especially in Physics – which requires one to develop a connect between mathematical concepts + formulae, and the real world around us. So, forcing every student to learn Physics at a specific fixed pace is not correct, and can even derail a student and push him or her into losing interest, which can eventually lead to despair and depression.

That is why Sir has broken up the learning process into two parts – video lectures of theory + problem discussions AND problem practice quizzes or tests which are unlike any other tests you may have seen. Sir's quizzes will be designed to teach problem solving techniques gently, in small steps, rather than aggressive testing of a student's brute academic performance ability.

Students will need access to a Desktop computer or a Laptop (even a Chromebook will do). We are working on creating our smartphone Apps, but we strongly recommend taking this course on a device with a screen bigger than a phone. This is because the solutions of advanced Physics problems require a lot of equations and diagrams to be displayed at the same time in front of our eyes - for proper understanding and processing by our brain.

Please note that the 'interactive' element in this course is that the Quizzes will be designed to engage the students, or the student will be required to frequently 'interact' or participate actively with the Quizzing system in order to learn concepts, by following video or text instruction given by sir. Besides this, there will also be discussion forums for every course, where students can interact with each other and/or leave their comments, even for specific lessons or topics. Sir will regularly read and moderate all the discussions, and occasionally respond too if he deems it fit. The idea is to offer a platform to the students which does not merely require passive watching of videos, as that can get boring. We feel there needs to be a strong element of student participation, or a kind of positive interaction with the online portal, to maintain student's interest in learning.

The first few lessons will be open for preview or demo. Students can view the lessons, quizzes and other academic content (available in preview mode) to ensure they understand Sir's teaching methodology, and the learning portal's functionality, before formally enrolling in the course.

All content will be in simple and clear English.

Lastly, students who complete this course successfully by March 2025 will be provided admission access to Class 12th JEE Physics course, which will start from 01 April 2025 (targeting JEE 2026).

Note: The fee for Class 12th course will be separate and payable at the time of joining that course.

Best of learning!


Testimonials from Sir's Online batch students

I studied Physics from Arvind sir from 2013-2015. My academic experience with him was extremely wonderful. His exceptional teaching skills, along with the modern technology he used, helped me understand Physics properly. The way he used to build each concept right from the basics to the IIT level (and sometime even beyond that) is really commendable. His passion for Physics was reflected in each class and also by the fact that he used to stay even an hour after the class, whether it was for teaching an advanced topic or for clearing our doubts. What I personally liked about him was that he encouraged us to study not only for IIT preparation but for the sole joy of learning. I am grateful to him for all he has taught me. Thank you sir.

I joined Arvind Chauhan sir’s Physics classes about mid session in class XI. Physics has seemed much more interesting & easier since then. Sir’s slow & patient method of teaching ensures that one can easily understand Physics and apply the concept to solving problems. His wonderfully drawn 3D diagrams really helped me visualize situations better and before I knew it I had developed the habit of drawing a diagram while solving problems. Sir’s little detours to explaining the working of a common device/gadget were always welcome during a relatively dull topic. What’s most impressive is that I never actually felt that he was teaching us from the other side of the globe, thanks to the wonderful technology he had set up. Sir’s logically thorough way of teaching & thinking helped me not only in physics but also in other subjects and other spheres of life. I am surely indebted to Arvind Chauhan sir for all he has taught me.

Why join Sir's online course?

Learn from home

Study from the comfort and safety of your home, in the care and supervision of your parents.

Learn from video lectures at your pace

Very clear, lucid and professional video lectures teaching theory, exclusive problem solving techniques, short-cuts & study material developed by Chauhan sir over three decades. 

Learn proper theory & concepts

Sir has a unique way of teaching and developing theory, which is based on analytical curiosity and understanding things through enquiry.

Practice tests or quizzes

With the quizzes/tests designed to teach concepts while solving problems, practice what you have learned, and track your class performance.

Sir's virtual mentorship

Stay inspired with a mentor like Chauhan sir and get access to his motivational content & meditation based stress management techniques which can help you navigate these tough academic years.

A teacher with legendary results

Perhaps the only individual subject teacher in India who gave 4 ranks in top 7 AIRs in IIT JEE from a single classroom batch.

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