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Thank you for your interest in our paid courses available at (our website).

  • For courses in which the academic content or lessons are drip-fed or made available to the learner/student in smaller portions over a period of time, we offer a preview of the first few lessons which is like a demo or trial in which students can see for themselves if the online format of classes and instructor's teaching style suits them or not. Thereafter, the course fee is usually payable (as a recommended option) in relatively smaller installments spread over several months. In such cases we will issue a refund on a pro rata basis after deducting 15 % of the fee, which is taken on a non-refundable basis in the beginning by the online learning management system's cloud service provider and the payment gateway provider. So, from the remaining 85 % of the fee paid by the learner, we will issue a refund on a pro-rata basis, based on the number of scheduled classes or months left in the course, which will be counted from the date the learner sends a written request from their registered email at: The full syllabus tests at the end of the course offered after the scheduled classes are finished are complementary, and will not be counted or considered in this refund formula.
  • For Non-tangible irrevocable goods ("Digital products"), which include courses in which the entire academic content of the course is available to the purchaser (student or learner) electronically after purchasing the course and logging in to their account on this website, we do not issue refunds for such non-tangible irrevocable goods ("Digital products") once the order is confirmed and the product is accessible to the purchaser (student or learner).
  • We recommend contacting us for assistance at if you experience any issues accessing our products electronically. 

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