Sir's Top 10 All India Ranks

IIT JEE Advanced, General Category

Rank 1: Raghu Mahajan

Rank 2: Amit Agarwal

Rank 4: Kashish Mittal

Rank 4: Archit Gupta

Rank 5: Ankur Goel

Rank 6: Prateek Mittal

Rank 6: Ankit Garg

Rank 6: Trinabh Gupta

Rank 7: Rushil Goel

Rank 7: Adish Singla

Rank 8: Vikas Bansal

Rank 9: Ankit Jain

Rank 9: Ravneet Singh

Rank 10: Dhruv Mahajan

Rank 10: Ashish Gupta

Rank 11: Movin Jain

… and thousands more, like AIR 1 (Girls): Aastha Jain JEE 2000 AIR 30 ; Binny Bansal (Flipkart co-founder), JEE 2001 AIR 28 ; and medical students like Agamjit Singh, AIIMS 2015 AIR 9.

With much humility and gratitude, we submit that no individual JEE teacher in India, so far, can boast such ranks in top 10 - and that too without any umbrella of a commercial coaching institute, and notably - from a small/medium city like Chandigarh (and not Kota)! 

These results have been spread over almost three decades, during which Sir taught thousands of students who successfully cracked exams like IIT JEE, NEET, AIIMS, SAT, etc., including many illustrious scientists, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, tech-preneurs & even diplomats!

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