Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I create an account?

Click on the Menu Icon (Three horizontal lines) present on the top of the screen in mobile. From the opened Menu in mobile, click on the Login button. If you are on a desktop or laptop, click on Blue rounded Login button on the top right of the screen. Then click on Sign Up at the bottom of the pop up. Enter your Email Id & Password to register for an account.

How to purchase or take a Course?

Click on the "Courses" button in the top navigation menu to browse all courses available in the site's Store. Once you have purchased a Course from the site's Store using your credit card, the course will get added to your My Course Section, which you can access on the left sidebar menu from your Dashboard. Click on the Course image to start the course.

What are Course Packages?

Packages are a collection of courses put together as a package, often for a price that is lower than the combined price of the component courses. For example, droppers (or even new 12th students) can purchase both 11th and 12th class courses in a single package for a better price and a validity period more suitable to them. If and when such course packages are available, they will be visible on the site's store page (linked to "Courses" button in top navigation menu).

I am not able to login despite using my correct email ID and password.

If you are using your correct email ID & password and still unable to login, then remember that you are only allowed to login from a maximum number of 2 devices; and as a limited time bonus, a 3rd device is also allowed. We recommend using Chrome browser. This is a security feature so learners don't end up sharing their password with their friends. Note that any browser used in private or incognito mode is counted as a new device. So please do not use private, secret or incognito mode on your browser while logging in to your account. In case your device count exceeds the maximum allowed for any genuine reason (like you bought a new laptop, etc.), then you can drop an email to with your details and we will reset your device count.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can click on Forgot Password link to reset your password from the login screen. We will send the new password to your registered email address. You can then login with the new password.
If the issue still persists, drop an email to with the issue details.

I am unable to access the Course, what should I do?

Please check whether you are using the same email, which was used for account creation and purchasing the course. Check for the course in your My Course section. If the course is still not available, please drop an email from your registered email address to with all your details (including your registered phone number).

What computer equipment is required?

Students are recommended to learn using a Desktop computer or a Laptop (even Chromebook should be ok). Mobile phone screen will probably be too small to correctly learn things as JEE level Physics requires lot of formulae, diagrams and long equations to be on display at the same time (for better grasp and retention). This online portal works best on Chrome browser.

Can I jump to next section in a course without completing earlier sections?

No, the courses enforce sequential learning for your own good, so you cannot jump sections without completing each one of them. You don't have to watch full video lessons in order to mark them as complete, but you do need to click on each section before you can jump to the next one. For Quizzes, there are minimum passing marks of 50 % (in most cases). If you score less than 50 %, you will get a message on your screen saying you failed a Quiz and then you must click on reattempt Quiz button, and try to score passing percentage. Until you can pass a Quiz, you will not be able to proceed ahead in a course. This is to ensure that students work hard in each section, since every section will be based on the assumption that you have reasonably understood the previous section.

How to report an issue not addressed here?

For any other issues, please drop an email at: with the complete details.

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