"I thank all my students for putting their trust in me and my teaching methodology. Our awesome results wouldn't have been possible without their support, dedication, participation, and amazing hard work." 
Arvind Chauhan

Student Testimonials from eHybrid Programs

"Arvind Sir has created a different space for himself in the field of Physics teaching. His way of teaching is uniquely fabulous and interesting. He teaches everything from the basics; that is why I have no doubt about my concepts in Physics. The way he uses calculus in problems is just so interesting that the problems start appearing quite simple. I have gained so much through his teaching that Physics has now become one of my favourite subjects. Teaching crystal clear basics and then solving IIT problems are some of his key teaching points. I feel he is the best Physics teacher, as far as my opinion is concerned. So, I want to present my gratitude towards him from the core of my heart."


"The venture of Physics teaching (teaching live through video conferencing) by Arvind sir, as far as XI and XII teaching is concerned, marks the beginning of a new era. Despite not being physically present in the class itself, Arvind sir has benefitted me so much, that I find Physics more simple, beautiful and logical than ever. This method of teaching using modern technology, among other things, is way ahead of traditional teaching methods in terms of conceptuality. There is no questioning Arvind sir’s teaching skills, but when coupled with the modern technology he uses, there is no matching the interactive nature of the class. There was hardly any day when we did realise that he is not actually in the classroom, but several hundreds or thousands of kilometres from us. I am quite indebted to Arvind sir for what he taught me in the whole subject."


"Arvind sir is among those very few people who can teach Physics to students. Sir’s ability to make the subject easy and interesting is very impressive. Atmosphere in class is such that no student feels left out as everyone gets a chance to keep his or her point of view in front of the class. Sir never rushes with syllabus; in fact, he makes sure that students get every concept clearly set in their minds. His short doubt classes, after the main class, helps in making your concepts crystal clear. My Physics has improved a lot in Sir’s class. I want to thank Sir for all his immense knowledge he has provided to me which will help me throughout my life."


"Physics is a subject that requires crystal clear concepts in which Arvind Sir has the mastery. By studying Physics with Arvind sir, I have developed a lot of interest in this subject. Online teaching (teaching live through video conferencing) is a new venture and very less known, but there is nothing to worry as the cutting hi-tech technology curbs the distance. Super-sensitive microphones, HD quality audio and video make us feel as if Arvind sir is present right in front of us. The informal discussions with sir help us to understand the subject in a better way and an extra doubt session after every class is very helpful. I sincerely thank Arvind sir for arousing tremendous interest for Physics in me and inculcating his immense knowledge among his students effectively. Undoubtedly, he is the best Physics teacher I have studied from."


"I had a great time studying Physics from Arvind Sir. He is a great teacher. His methods of teaching and that of approaching a problem brings out much simplified version of the topics in front of the students; and the anxiety and fear that is felt while doing a problem is greatly reduced. Moreover, the assignments and the tests are of a great help in building the hold over the subject. Also, he not only discusses all the time about the subject but also tells the students about the various ways of increasing concentration and these methods when applied are of a great help. According to me, he is the best teacher for studying no only Physics but rather any subject, because anything he teaches is taught very properly and perfectly."


"Arvind Sir is one of those few teachers who believe in teaching the subject properly. The combination of his knowledge, experience, intelligence and hard work are perfect combination for success. He starts each topic from the very basics and reaches to the depth of the topic. His class is really very interactive and fun, and doubts are cleared properly. I am very thankful to him for clearing my concepts in Physics. He is undoubtedly the best teacher in the region. Thank you Sir for your efforts."


"I express my gratitude to ARVIND SIR for boosting my concepts in physics through thorough analysis of every topic. Despite Sir being physically not present in the classroom, it was more effective and better than any other. The best is thing is sir’s huge emphasis on calculus associated with the question that made problem solving easier. Apart from the subject Sir has imparted spiritual and moral knowledge too. I am thankful to SIR for teaching me the REAL PHYSICS."


"I express my deepest gratitude to Arvind sir for boosting my concepts in Physics. After completion of my +1 course, I was not satisfied with the methodology of teachers in Chandigarh. But I was ecstatic to learn that Arvind sir, who had produced the best ranks in IIT-JEE from Chandigarh region, will once again teach the IIT aspirants. From the day I joined him, I found Physics much more interesting and enjoyable. The new method of hybrid classroom (teaching live through videoconferencing) started by him might not seem appealing at first thought BUT never did I feel un my entire course of +2 that sir’s physical absence from the classroom affects the quality of teaching. While teaching, sir always makes sure that every student in his classroom understands each and everything taught by him. The excellent books suggested by him, the study material provided by him, study tips and health tips imparted by sir have helped me in improving my performance in Physics. Sir answers all our doubts and queries in doubt sessions after every class. Sir’s complete mastery over his subject and his knowledge of science makes him a rare genius!"


"In class XI after exhaustive search for Arvind Chauhan sir’s Physics academy, I was disappointed to know he is no more in Chandigarh; but I was ecstatic in XII to know that he is once again teaching in Chandigarh. Arvind Chauhan sir has a unique methodology of teaching which is marvelous; he gradually builds the concept logically from absolute basics and ensures that there is no ambiguity in every word he speaks. When asked any doubt he ensures that the student fully understands it. The class notes are excellent and help a great deal during revision. Contrary to what many may conceive, his use of technology makes him rather more accessible; besides during and after the class, he can also be contacted through email, twitter, etc. The quality of study material itself explains the tremendous hard work sir must have put in to prepare it. His frequent much needed career counselling is very helpful. The best of all is the beauty with which he teaches Physics and its essence, and connects it with everyday life explaining the Physics behind everyday stuff. It all makes the subject come alive."


"Arvind sir marks a benchmark in the field of teaching. The ways of teaching, the methodology, and the problem solving techniques are just phenomenal. Arvind sir develops a personal connection with every student in his class, understanding the level of every students and their weakness/strength. Any student who is serious in studies and has studied from Arvind sir is bound to get a good rank in JEE. It has been a privilege studying Physics from the best teacher in the region. Thank you!"


"Physics is a subject which cannot be understood without a perfect teacher. For me, undoubtedly, Arvind sir has been the perfect teacher. His way of teaching in the class never makes us think that we have to just learn the topic but instead it makes us think that we have to just understand it, and the learning is done automatically. While sitting in his class, we never want the class to be finished because of the fun we enjoy while understanding topics from him.
This new venture is just not simply a coaching class but a hope for many who literally want to understand each and every topic by exploring it like the many great ones in the past did!"


"Physics is the subject which forms the foundation of engineering and teaching this touch subject is not an easy task. But Arvind sir has surely excelled in teaching Physics and building up crystal clear concepts in the brains of students. His methods of teaching, explaining and answering queries are just wonderful. Online teaching (live through videoconferencing) is a new way of teaching and technology used is really beneficial in teaching. We never felt that Arvind sir was not present in room but was miles away. Arvind sir has really got a calibre which no other teacher possesses and I have improved a lot after studying from Arvind sir. I’ll be indebted to him for all the knowledge he shared with me. He truly is an awesome teacher. Thank you sir!"


"I express my loyal gratitude to Arvind sir who has not only encouraged me at every step but has also aroused a great interest for technology in me. Earlier, I was doubtful about the success of online teaching (teaching live through videoconferencing), but it has proved to me much more satisfactory than expected. One can’t even notice that Sir is not actually present but sitting many thousand miles away from us – all because of those supersensitive microphones and the informal interaction between Sir and his students during the class, as well as after the class during the doubt session. Physics is a subject in which one needs crystal clear concepts for which Arvind sir is the best. My Physics has improved tremendously under Sir. I have never come across a better Physics teacher than Arvind sir. I thank God for sending him at the right time for us!"


"I thank Chauhan sir from the bottom of my heart for changing the way of thinking about Physics. The deep discussion about any topic of Physics has enabled me to think out-of-the-box and in a way has improved the quality of my physics. Chauhan sir’s doubt sessions give us an advantage of clearing our doubts after the class itself. My Physics has improved a lot and apart from that my confidence level has also risen."


"I studied Physics from Sir for 1 year (2012-2013 session). He is one of the very few teaches in Chandigarh who knows how to prepare a student for JEE (IIT Joint Entrance Exam). His following remarkable features make him a great teacher: right approach to questions; great (and correct) use of calculus in Physics; great use of scale for diagrams and his e-hybrid technology; crystal clear concepts and fundamentals. He gave me the right path and guidance to study Physics so that I could enjoy the subject. Also, his study tips and useful links played a very important role in strengthening my concepts of all 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Thank you sir for teaching me what real knowledge is."


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